Galvanized Pipe
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Galvanized Pipe

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Galvanized pipes are used for drainage, plumbing, water transportation applications. They are made out of steel which is then coated with zinc to prevent rusting. Galvanized pipes can last up to 60-70 years. These pipes can be used as standard pipes, conduit pipes, fluid pipes, structural pipes and more.


Type Size (diameter x thickness) Weight per foot lbs SKU
B 1.050 inches x .113 inches 1.131 GVPIPE020
C 1.315 inches x .133 inches 1.679 GVPIPE030
D 1.660 inches x .140 inches 2.273 GVPIPE035
E 1.900 inches x .145 inches 2.718 GVPIPE040
F 2.375 inches x .154 inches 3.653 GVPIPE045



Reference Type Normal Pipe Size Actual Outside Diameter Wall Thickness
A ½” 0.0840" 0.109 inches
B ¾” 1.050" 0.100 inches
C 1” 1.315" 0.125 inches
D 1 ¼” 1.660" 0.125 inches
E 1 ½” 1.900" 0.125 inches
F 2” 2.375" 0.154 inches


By providing an extra layer, rust must pass through if rust is contaminated. The iron in steel reacts with oxygen and water and easily causes rust, which leads to deterioration of the object. With a zinc coating, these elements are less likely to cause this reaction.

Lower the Price
The galvanizing process is usually less costly than other popular pipe protection methods. This is because other methods usually require a lot of labor, while galvanizing requires less physical labor. At the same time, the service life of galvanized steel pipe is also very long. It can be used for more than 50 years in many rural areas and for more than 25 years in severely exposed urban and coastal environments. As a result, maintenance costs are lower.

Easy to Check
The inspection process of galvanized pipe is simple and clear. Galvanized coatings can be visually examined, and their thickness can be tested using a simple nondestructive testing method.

Where are Galvanized Pipes Used?
Galvanized pipe is used in outdoor and indoor applications due to its anti rusting components. The zinc coating slows the process of corrosion and can make the pipe last for decades (in the right environment). This makes it ideal for marine applications and for transporting hot and cold water alike.