Flo – coat Tubes
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Flo – coat Tubes

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Flo-Coat tube galvanized steel is the original in-line galvanized product. It comes in 24 feet full length and are provid in custom cut lengths depending on your requirements. First 99.99% pure zinc is applied followed by a conversion coating. Finishing the process is a clear organic topcoat that seals in the protection and produces a smooth, shiny appearance. Flo-coat tube is up to 33% stronger than your average steel tube.


Type Size (diameter x thickness) Weight per foot lbs SKU
C 1.315 inches x .105 inches 1.67 GVRDTUBE010
D 1.660 inches x .120 inches 2.27 GVRDTUBE015
E 1.900 inches x .120 inches 2.71 GVRDTUBE020



Reference Type Normal Pipe Size Actual Outside Diameter Wall Thickness
A ½” 0.0840" 0.109 inches
B ¾” 1.050" 0.100 inches
C 1” 1.315" 0.125 inches
D 1 ¼” 1.660" 0.125 inches
E 1 ½” 1.900" 0.125 inches
F 2” 2.375" 0.154 inches


Flo-Coat galvanized tubing is the product of choice where strength & superior corrosion protection is required. Flo-Coat tubing is fabricator friendly and in most cases is suitable for bending, flattening, welding, drilling and painting. Flo-Coat is also environmentally friendly boasting 99.9% pure zinc coating. Flo-Coat is already widely used in playground, agri, greenhouse, shelters and many other related applications. The patented rolling process used to manufacture Flo-coat products also fosters high strength properties over conventional or fence related products - up to 50,000 ksi yield and 55,000 ksi tensile strength. Flo-coat is a tube that consistently performs, thus enabling cost & service efficiencies over hot dip galvanized applications.

Unlike other metals that rust or corrode easily, flow coat tubes are rust-proof and are resistant to other chemical reactions that can cause corrosion. This helps them to be more maintenance-free than other types of tubes, lasting for many years beyond installation.

Flow Coat Product Features
Attractive, smooth, shiny surface appearance.
Resistant to oxidization or “grey down” with age. Resists “white surface rust”
Superior strength & corrosion resistance properties.
Zinc - rich interior paint to protect inner tube.
Clear Organic Coating acts as a primer for liquid/spray paints or powder coats