Feedback of Wardrobe (Some Important Notes from the Process)

Project Completion - 90%:


  • I completed 90% of the wardrobe and please see my pictures below (only 4 pieces left).
  • Planning to make a nice cloth cover next (like a drape or shower curtain).
  • It took me approximately 90 minutes to assemble. The diagram was excellent and accurate.
  • The wood shelf/cover on the top also fits perfectly and I really like the extra steel rod on the bottom for my pants.

Project Completion - 100%:


  • 2 shower curtains will fit perfectly around the wardrobe and I am using a nice vinyl one.
  • The button holes already around the top of the curtain allow me to use string to tie and hold.
  • Planning to make drapes in the front and get another board for the bottom (same size as the top).
  • The top front pipe allows me to use string or plastic/metal rings to slide the drapes.
  • The wardrobe is so stable; I can do pull-ups for exercise!
  • I finally have all my clothes in one closet (with lots of space for more)!


--- Albert