Photo Gantry Using Boss Steel Easy Clamps

For overhead product photography, a gantry consisting of a front cross bar for mounting equipment and a rear cross bar to hold a roll of background paper was designed to span an 8-foot work bench. From the initial sketch, Boss Steel B size Easy Clamps were selected and the required lengths of 1-inch pipe were listed. Boss Steel cut all the pipes to size saving significant site fabrication time and had the complete order ready for pick up in 2 days.

The base flanges for the support risers were mounted on lengths of wood 2x4 and clamped to the work bench at both ends to allow repositioning without making any holes in the bench top. The Easy Clamps were quick to assemble and adjust to the required positions. Large set- screws hold the Easy Clamps firmly in position with no slippage experienced. Camera, lights, power outlets, monitor, accessories and clamp storage are easily positioned across the 8 foot front pipe span which is robust with no vibration - ideal for photography work. Different backgrounds can be quickly set up by lifting off the back bar and swapping rolls of coloured paper.

A good selection of Easy Clamp types from the online catalogue makes it simple to configure flexible custom designs that are easy to construct and modify.

Overhead camera mounted on the front cross bar.

Base flanges mounted on 2x4 clamped to the bench top to hold front
and back support risers

Risers for cross bar support and clamp storage

Overhead camera clamped to cross bar

Powerbar for lights, monitor etc

3D printed U-support for quick rear crossbar removal

3D printed end caps inserted into 1 inch pipe ends