Boss Double Bed Frame

  1. My first impressions were this is sturdy, long lasting and exactly what I am looking for (my nephew wanted one from Ikea, but I suggested Boss Steel instead). The product grew on me after my nephew decided he wanted no bed frame and I chose to use the Boss Steel frame instead. Your online pictures are perfect and I would be happy to provide a testimonial.
  2. My experience with the product was excellent. My father and I were very impressed with the quality and look.
  3. The quality of the product is excellent. We did not realize how heavy the whole bed frame is until we put the header and footer together.
  4. The functionality and user-friendliness of the product is excellent and amazing. I do suggest to always give 2 Allen keys because it takes at least 2 people to assemble.
  5. My overall experience with Boss Steel is A+++++++. Chris Caldeira ensured all my needs were met and even went out of his way (twice) to ensure I was satisfied. The diagram was also perfect and easy to follow.

It took approximately 2 hours to set up (with my dad) and I used wooden boards at the bottom (previously used for a waterbed and my mom somehow saved them from over 20 years ago!). This is highly recommended.

My mom is also a seamstress so she made me a nice purple velvet headboard cover (second picture below). I will now have many different covers to match my bedsheets so this is also a nice touch (you know I am all about style with my bow ties).

Best sleep ever last night with a very firm and stable bed now. I have a pillow mattress so now that the bed frame is steel, it feels more comfortable.

My dad said it looks and feels like I got a new bed and I agree.

Looking forward to our next project – a Men’s Wardrobe.

Albert Edwards