Steel Tube
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Steel Tube

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Steel pipes come in 24 inch full length and are provid in custom cut lengths depending on your requirements. Steel pipes are provided in custom cut lengths depending on your requirements. We provide both bundles and per foot supplies of steel pipes. Our pipes are solid and are compatible with various fittings and clamps. Steel pipes are used for long term construction and fitting.


Type Size (diameter x thickness) Weight per foot lbs SKU
B 1.050 inches x .100 inches 1.01 HRRDTUBE125
C 1.315 inches x .125 inches 1.30 HRRDTUBE195
D 1.660 inches x .125 inches 1.67 HRRDTUBE265
E 1.900 inches x .125 inches 1.92 HRRDTUBE305
F 2.375 inches x .154 inches 2.45 HRRDTUBE355



Reference Type Normal Pipe Size Actual Outside Diameter Wall Thickness
A ½” 0.0840" 0.109 inches
B ¾” 1.050" 0.100 inches
C 1” 1.315" 0.125 inches
D 1 ¼” 1.660" 0.125 inches
E 1 ½” 1.900" 0.125 inches
F 2” 2.375" 0.154 inches



The strength of steel tube makes it a good option for most projects. its strength enables it to withstand vibrations, shock and high pressure. Unlike other metals, steel will bend rather than break under extreme conditions.

Easy Installation
Custom steel pipes can be cut to any length. They can also be easily modified on-site, making them easy to install. Any maintenance or modifications that are needed after installation can be done quickly and easily because steel is a very easy metal to work with in that manner.

Greater Capacity
Steel tubes come in many different sizes and wall thickness which make steel tube more affordable and adaptable for specific needs or budgets.

Steel Tubes are Environmentally-Friendly
Using steel is a great way to look out for the local environment. Approximately 70% of all the steel used in North America gets recycled each and every year. Steel can be recycled frequently without losing its quality and strength.