The Right Tools For Your Next DIY Project

by mandeep deol on November 11, 2021

Steel three socket tee, short tee, and flange clamp against a white background

Tee clamps are ideal for use in railings, while flange clamps can be used to anchor banners and lights.

Steel railing base flange and elbow clamp against a white background

Elbow clamps work well as end fittings for guardrails, while the base flange provides excellent support for fencing.

With Boss Easy Clamps, you'll have no problem finding the right pieces for your projects and plans. There are hundreds of different types of clamps available for purchase, but the main three that are used in most projects are the Tee Clamp, Elbow Clamp, & Flange Clamp. Each clamp has its own individual use when regularly applied, but they can be used in multiple different ways depending on the project being built. These can range from fences for decks, rounded edges for railings, bases, and more!

1. Tee Clamp (Type 2)

This clamp offers a 90 degree, perpendicular connection between two tubes. However, a horizontal tube cannot be joined within the fitting. This clamp works best as a connector between pipes or other expanders due to its smooth fit & easy application. With the Tee Clamp, there is no need for time-consuming welding or other work. All that's needed to lock the clamp in place are a few grub screws and an Allen Key. In terms of size, the range of Tee Clamp is from 26.9 mm (3/4") to 50.8 mm (2") & a weight from 0.14 kilograms (0.31 lbs) to 0.85 kilograms (1.87 lbs). The Tee Clamp (Type 2) can be used and applied in many areas, such as deck fences, benches, hand railings, awnings, animal enclosures, & play areas.

2. Tee Clamp (Type 4)

The Type 4 version of the Tee Clamp boasts a 104 degree connection with two tubes & an additional vertical tube. A singular tube can also be passed through the T section if preferred. This clamp and its Type two version work best when used at the tops or towards the ends of railings. This clamp is also good for pipe structures, racks, & furniture. Along with that, it can be applied to trolley bays, shop fittings, & temporary structures. There is also no welding required for this piece. The only tools needed are the Allen Key & grub screws. The Type 4 clamp has a size range from 26.9 mm (3/4") to 50.8 mm (2") & a weight from 0.35 kilograms (0.77 lbs.) to 1.51 kilograms (3.32 lbs.). This clamp is an easy fit for both indoor & outdoor projects!


3. Elbow Clamp (Type 6)

The Elbow Clamp displays a 90 degree connection with two tubes at both a horizontal & vertical angle. This joint is regularly used as an end fitting for the top rail of handrails, guardrails, etc. However, the Elbow Clamp would also work well in animal enclosures, play areas, & other such areas where sharp angles & ends would be considered dangerous. It can also be used to change the direction or angle of the pipe or connector run. This piece slips onto pipes or other connectors easily and without the need for welding. The range of Elbow Clamp's size is from 26.9 mm (3/4") to 50.8 mm (2") with a weight from 0.17 kilograms (0.37 lbs.) to 1.12 kilograms (2.46 lbs.).

4. Flange Clamp (Type 10)

The Flange Clamp differs from the previous pieces for a few different reasons. This piece may look like a base for fencing or railings, but it is not meant to be used as a base support. This clamp is meant for use on walls, floors, & ceilings, & also for fixing holes that contain different kinds of mechanical and chemical masonry anchors. These can be used to anchor banners to a wall or lights to a ceiling, along with many other uses. The Flange Clamp is mostly used in projects where structural positional fixing is required. The clamp itself has a size from 26.9 mm (3/4") to 50.8 mm (2"), and a weight from 0.20 kilograms (0.44 lbs.) to 0.98 kilograms (2.16 lbs.)


5. Flange Clamp (Type 12)

The Type 12 Flange Clamp, unlike its Type 10 version, can be used as a base for guardrails, safety rails, and fencing. The Type 12 clamp features a strong base plate that can support a vertical post. Along with this, a vertical wide rib with two set screws increases the strength of the clamp. When using this clamp, the fixing holes in the base should always be in line with the applied load. The Type 12 Flange Clamp is a good tool for DIY projects that need a strong and sturdy base to hold them up. These would also be a good fit for animal enclosures that hold large animals, since with the strength of the clamps, the enclosure would stay very sturdy. This clamp sports sizes from 26.9 mm (3/4") to 50.8 mm (2"), a weight from 0.47 kilograms (1.03 lb) to 1.73 kilograms (3.81 lb).


Each of these clamps will make your DIY projects or plans 100% better and, overall, more successful. They will keep your railings sturdy or keep your children's new play area just that much safer! Your projects and plans deserve tools that are of the highest quality, so make Boss Easy Clamps your online shopping destination for your next DIY project.