Clamps and Their Varying Uses in Real Life

by mandeep deol on December 21, 2021

DIY buffs know and understand the importance of clamps. They help fasten objects firmly to prevent any separation or movement, and it's impossible to do without them. There are different types of clamps for various uses. Here are some types of clamps you can use in your next DIY project and their uses:

1. Corner Clamp

Type 18

Corner clamps come in various types and help build sturdy construction, furniture, and other products. You can use them for multiple projects, and they are easy to assemble and disassemble when need be.

The Type 18 clamp is a three-way 90-degree top corner clamp used for top rail corners and other rectangular structures.

Type 18

Type 20

The type 20 corner clamp comes with a 90-degree through tube used in intermediate rail corners and frames. A pipe passes through the clamp of the Type 20 clamp.

2. Socket

The socket clamps have a unique feature called "pin and hinge." This feature allows them to fit into an existing structure easily. You can get them in various sizes depending on your needs. This fitting typically suffices in building railings and other rectangular structures such as frame tables and beds. The type 22 socket is a two-socket cross that allows you to fix three tubes to form a cross.

3. Crossover Clamp

The crossover clamp (90-degrees) is handy for long tube intersections with vertical sections where you might need to decrease the cutting cost or increase the system's strength with tube continuity. They are used for workstations, temporary partitions, and modular conveyors.

Crossover clamps come in three types: type 28, type 30, and type 33.


Boss Steel provides you with numerous clamps for different uses. Depending on your structure type and size, you can use different clamps, sockets, and crossover clamps.

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