Boss Easy Clamps: Corner & Angle Clamps

by Chris Caldeira on May 03, 2022

Diehard DIYers know that their imagination is the limit when it comes to projects. Tubes and clamps are simple and sturdy materials that can be used to create a variety of furniture, railing, workout stations, outdoor structures, and much more.

Boss Easy Clamps are simple and sturdy clamps designed to connect tubes without any need for threading, welding, or nuts and bolts. All you need is an Allen wrench to secure the set screws and let the torque handle the rest. 

For any kind of modular tube project, you will most likely need corner clamps and angle clamps. Corner clamps connect the ends of tubes and make the overall structure sound. Angle clamps join tubes together at an angle and are used for strengthening complex structures or to create a sloping framework. 

Here is a short primer on Boss Easy Clamp's selection of corner and angle clamps.

Corner Clamps

Type 18

A 90° corner clamp that joins three tubes at a three-way corner. This clamp is meant for the top corner of a structure. It can be used for tables, desks, shelves, fences, and other rectangular frames. 


Type 20

90° corner clamp with a vertical throughway for an upright tube. This can be used with Type 18 to create intermediate levels for racks and shelves. 


Type 20O

A 90° corner clamp that is similar to Type 20 except it has a pin hinge, allowing it to be affixed to an upright tube. Useful for adding intermediate tubes to ongoing or finished projects such as garden trellises, wardrobes, displays, and others.


Type 40

90° corner clamp with vertical throughway and two male lug sockets for swivels. It can be used to mount boards or other flat material for a wardrobe, desk, or other furniture. 


Type 48

90° corner clamp with swivel connectors, allowing an adjustable vertical angle. Same as Type 40, but with a female swivel socket attached. It can be used for fitness stations, storage racks, bike repair racks, or any tube connection at an angle that isn't 45° or 90°. 


Angle Clamps

Type 7

Angle clamp that connects a vertical tube to another tube at 30°/60°. Often used for staircase railings. Angle clamps can also be used with swivel clamps to create struts for heavy-duty frames like a workout station, playground structures, and restaurant/industrial applications. 



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