A Clamping System Unlike Any Other

by Chris Caldeira on May 02, 2022

Boss Easy Clamps offers a unique product that can make quick work out of an otherwise costly and challenging endeavor. The products include a range of pipe connectors that are designed to connect pieces of metal tubing to one another without the need for specialized tools or welding. Making Boss Easy Clamps the perfect option for commercial applications and DIY projects alike.

Connecting tubing traditionally required notching the tube and welding up the joints. This can be impractical for many reasons, the first of which requires a welding machine and knowledge of how to operate it. Additionally, a specialized device to notch the tubing is also required. All of this adds up to pipe fitting being out of the norm for most DIYers and even some contractors.



Tubing is a great medium as it is relatively cheap, versatile, and strong. Handrails, for instance, can be put together on site or even by a homeowner. An office could also be completely outfitted with a desk and bookshelves made from pipe. This creates a modern aesthetic that is custom tailored to the size of a room.



Boss Easy Clamps do not require any specialty tools to use, simply a straight cut on the pipe and an allen-wrench, therefore making them perfect for an array of projects. Connecting clamps come in a wide variety of types, ranging from top corner tee to through pipe corners perfect for mid-braces. One of the more interesting connectors is the four-way cross that allows the pipe to stick out in six directions. There are also flanges that are perfect baseplates to attach to various surfaces. It is even possible to connect pipes at various angles as well as those of different sizes. The most versatile option is the swiveling joints that are perfect for staircase handrails and allow connections at a range of angles. The only question is what will you build with Boss Easy Clamps? Contact us now to find out more.