A Brief Overview of Boss Easy Clamps

by mandeep deol on March 18, 2022

A clamp is a tool that holds, mounts or secures objects to restrict movement or prevent separation. Clamps come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own function. Cable clamps tie and keep cables or cords together while mounting clamps fasten panels and piping onto walls. 

Boss Easy Clamps

Boss Easy has over 100 different clamps for diverse applications. We have a wide range of fastening clamps that provide a secure connection while maintaining structural integrity. With our clamps, such as Tee Clamps, Elbow Clamps, Corner Clamps, and more, you can make robust items, furniture, and construction. They can be used for various applications and are simple to set up and take apart.

In this article, we will focus on two of our clamps:

Handrail Support

This clamp is used to fix handrails and structures to walls. With a T-shaped base featuring two bolt fasteners and a circular holder (through which the handrail passes) with a single bolt fastener on the side, this type-34 clamp securely holds your handrails or structures against walls. You can use this clamp to hold various types of handrails, including staircase and elevator handrails.

Mounting Clamp

The mounting clamp is available in four forms. The type 36 mounting clamp is a male single lug that can be used to fix panels and boards or swivel fittings when combined with type 42 clamps. This clamp has a single fastener on the side of its circular holder to hold the mounted item.


The type 40 amp has a 90-degree male corner lug and two perpendicular lugs. It is ideally positioned as a winged butterfly. It is used to hold vertical piping for maximum stability. 


The type 53 mounting clamp is a side mounting fitting used to secure vertical posts at the bottom. It features two lugs that hold the vertical post and a side palm with three lugs; two on both wings and one at the bottom to fasten the vertical post to the surface. The type 55 mounting clamp is a collar plate single-side clamp used for panel fitting. It has one lug to hold the fitted panel.


Clamps can be useful in several applications. Whatever your specific need, you can always consult Boss Easy for the best solution. Reach out to us today or download our online brochure to see our full product line.