About Us

We offer an extensive variety of EASY CLAMP modular tube fitting connectors. You can now build diverse construction using our connectors allowing you to join tubes effortlessly. Build quality designs with ease and effectiveness. To ensure strong, sturdy joints, make use of socket screws. They also allow for quick dismantling which is easy and saves time and energy ( 1050-kg shearing load at a time of 40 Nm).

Vision and Mission

At Boss Steel our vison is to bring high quality products at a competitive price to consumers across North America.




Easy Clamp Modular Tube Fittings

The wide range of EASY CLAMP modular tube fitting connectors allows tubes to be joined to form the most diverse construction where effectiveness, quality and design are a requirement. The use of socket screws ensures an extremely strong joint, while quick and easy dismantling is possible at any time (shearing load 1050-kg at a moment of 40 Nm).

  • Connectors, Tubes, Frames and lots of exhibition products.
  • Your custom made products can be created with EASYCLAMP® Tubefittings.
  • From outdoor advertisings to furniture; our EASYCLAMP® Tubefittings assortment contains the most tubefittings in Europe.


Pipe & Tube

Pipe is mainly used for pressurized applications while tube is used for structural purposes in most cases. It is sized Nominal in Imperial Fractions and is standardized throughout the world. As an example, a 1” SCH 40 pipe has an outside diameter (OD) of 1.315” and an inside diameter (ID) of 1.049” which is fairly close to 1” which is why it is designated as a 1 inch pipe. Tube on the other hand is sized on the OD with the wall thickness. If wall thickness and strength are not the main objective but pricing is, then there are a lot of tubes such as flow coat tube and steel tube are both available that will match the outside diameter of many pipe sizes.



Boss Steel has the largest range of TÜV-certified tube couplings with the best quality and the lowest price in Canada! The wide range of easy clamps makes it possible to connect tubes or pipes to the most diverse constructions, with efficiency, quality and design being required. The use of Allen screws provides a very strong connection, while a quick and easy disassembly remains possible (shear load 1322.77 lbs at a moment of 1.5748E-6 inches). The easy clamps are available in 5 different measurements for round tubes. Constructions and frames can be produced in all measurements.


Boss Steel Premade Kits

Boss Steel has created easy to assemble premade kits for your convenience. Each kit is available in a variety of tube sizes and are also customizable to suit your specific needs. We currently have 5 unique kits available. “Boss Bed Frame” available in single, twin, queen, and king, “Boss Custom Cart”, “Boss Shop Shelf”, “Boss Table Frame”, and “Boss Fitness Tower”.


Customer Testimonials

Photo Gantry Using Boss Steel Easy Clamps

For overhead product photography, a gantry consisting of a front cross bar for mounting equipment and a rear cross bar to hold a roll of background paper was designed to span an 8-foot work bench.

Boss Double Bed Frame

It took approximately 2 hours to set up (with my dad) and I used wooden boards at the bottom (previously used for a waterbed and my mom somehow saved them from over 20 years ago!). This is highly recommended.

Feedback of Wardrobe

It took me approximately 90 minutes to assemble. The diagram was excellent and accurate. The wood shelf/cover on the top also fits perfectly and I really like the extra steel rod on the bottom for my pants.